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The Perfect Purse Pot

Us Divas are loving the Fairwinds F.E.C.O click pen for portable 1:1 THC CBD full extract oil. I wouldn't even call it oil, it's more like thick syrup. The dispenser is awesome. Each click dispenses a tiny droplet of 25mg. This pen was tested at CBDA: 3.7mg; CBD 4.2mg; THCA 3.7mg; THC 4.3mg. My estimation is there are 40 clicks per pen. The lid caps on tight and after each click, you can dial it back a bit so no product leaks out. It's literally the size of a small lip gloss and can fit in your pocket, purse etc.

It tastes very herbal and almost has a licorice aftertaste. Definitely not weedy or too strong. The color is dark brown and sticky and probably due to the fact that it's a whole plant extract capturing all the essential cannabinoids, terpenes and organic compounds. Fairwinds website says it includes Caryophyllene, Nerolidol, Terpinolene, Terpineol, Limonene, Delta-3-Carene, Pinene, and a Proprietary Blend.

This oil is compared to Rick Simpson Oil, but is the full extract so you are also getting all the terpenes and other benefits from the full plant.

The Seamonsters at Seaweed Cannabis that recommended this to me also use this oil to enhance food and baked goods which I'm going to try next. I love that it's concentrated so any edible items won't take on an overly weedy flavor.

Uses: Discrete pot use, gifts, edible crafting, chilling by the pool, movie night, general relaxing.

Varieties: I tried the 1:1 but it comes in high CBD and high THC as well. Seaweed carries all of these.

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